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Buzby and Blue Hairdressing Salon Interior


Nigel Faulkner and Christopher Friend have brought their own sense of theatre to historic Chichester with Buzby and Blue Hairdressing.

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Mollie Sugden Hairdressing – Salon Interior


Set in London’s bustling Brick Lane, Mollie Sugden Hairdressing can’t fail to draw the eye.

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The Courtyard Salon Interior


James Christofi Courtyard salon in Twickenham was inspired by bars, cafes and salons from around the world and he is delighted with the results. “There’s nothing better when clients come in and say ‘wow, who designed this? It looks great’,” he says.

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Clipso London – Pictures


Being a franchise outlet, Clipso London needed to conform to the image set by other Clipso salons, but franchisee Darren Fowler still wanted to make his mark on the space. Darren says: “Clipso London has its own style, but like the other salons, clean lines and simplicity are still evident.”

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Indigo Salon Interior – Pictures


Neil Hopkins, owner of Indigo salon in Leamington, believes carefully considered interior design can give business a new injection of life, here are the pictures

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Saint Salons Interior – Pictures


Saint Salons is Matthew Cole and Richard Lane’s first salon

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