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KeraStraight UK Art Team Attend First Educational Day

KeraStraight’s New UK Art Team Attend First Educational DayThe newly-formed KeraStraight Art Team have taken part in their first education day, hosted at the Saks Academy in Covent Garden.

The day involved brand immersion, with managing director Jez Barnett ensuring that the entire time were up to speed on the brand’s history and values, as well as product knowledge and presentation skills.

There was also creative training with KeraStraight art team mentor – and Trevor Sorbie art team director – Bree Davie, who showcased the ground-breaking new treatment which will launch at Salon International.

The highlight of the day was a presentation from Trevor Sorbie himself, who shared his own stories and experiences of working with a successful art team.

Jez concluded: “Today was a vital day for the new KeraStraight UK Art Team; we needed them to not only gel together as a team but to learn all there is about the KeraStraight company, our full treatment portfolio and what we are looking to achieve at Salon International. It was a full on day but the team definitely impressed us all with their enthusiasm, creativity and understanding.”


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