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New Product Launches at Salon International 2010

Each year, Salon International is the perfect platform for manufacturers to launch their new innovations and products and 2010 is no different.

For weeks we’ve been hearing about the new releases and writing about them in HJ’s product pages, but seeing them in the flesh is a whole different ball game.

These are some of the exciting new launches that we’ve seen in the Hair Show.


Keratin Complex launch Blow Out, which looks set to be a revolution in keratin treatments. It’s a one hour service and – most excitingly – it allows your clients to wash their hair the very same day. The results last six weeks, and it will be a cheaper option. This is the latest addition to the Keratin Complex menu of treatments.

Moroccanoil-Vanity-Case-gift-set.jpgThe Moroccanoil stand is very popular, and as well as their newly-launched brushes and shampoo and conditioner, they have some very stylish vanity cases featuring best-selling products. It’s a bit different to the usual Christmas gift set, and certainly offers a luxurious retail option.

Prestige 90 Takara Belmont.JPGTakara Belmont celebrate 90 years next year, and to celebrate they’ve launched this chair – seen for the first time at Salon International. It fuses the brand’s impressive heritage – and classic barbering chairs – with a really stylish, modern finish. It reclines to an almost horizontal position too!

Takara Belmont 2.JPGThis is the Yume, also from Takara Belmont. It’s not new, but if you haven’t seen it in action, make time to do so over the weekend. It really is a luxurious chair, perfect for VIP rooms and special services. It’s not the cheapest piece of kit, but you’re sure to make your money back in treatments once people start talking about it.

LSE Chair.JPGThe Interiors Zone at Salon International is full of great finds. I love the brocade print on this chair from LSE. It’s very subtle, but adds a glamorous, decadent feel to the furniture. There are loads of finishes available, from the wild and dramatic to really subtle, grown-up chic.

Aston and Fincher Teknowash.JPGThe Teknowash at the Aston and Fincher is another product that’s not brand new, but needs to be seen to be believed. The sensory light show is the ultimate in relaxation, and you can also invite your clients to enjoy their own music through the iPod dock. I overhead one hairdresser ask if it was a sunbed that tanned your face while you waited!

REM Barber Chair.JPGSticking in the Interiors Zone, here’s a classic barber’s chair from REM. The chrome and black leather combination is timeless, and would work well with any interior. Although it’s a very masculine shape, I think it would also look great in a vintage-theme salon, to add a quirky, retro touch.

Corioliss KISS Pandas.JPGAt the Corioliss stand, you can really reflect your personality through your choice of electricals. The classic C2 styling iron is available in all sorts of finishes, including this cool panda design as part of the Urban Art collaboration.

emeche3.jpge-meche is a real ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ product. The transparent meche allows both you and your client to see hair change colour as it processes. Not only is it interesting to watch, it also helps you see how your work is going, creating better results.

pro edge 2.JPG

Pro Edge.JPG
Designed by Roger Wigmore, the ProEdge from Denman is another product I wish I’d invented! It’s patent-pending, and I think it’s going transform scissor-over-comb cutting. The clever comb has a cutting ledge, so your scissors or clippers are precisely positioned, for a smooth, steady cut, with no slipping or inverting. It also improves posture and fatigue. At the stand, a young woman who’d never done scissor-over-comb gave it a try on the very brave model above – she was so nervous she was shaking, but she did a perfect job. A real one to watch – and I mean the ProEdge, not the trainee hairdresser!

Flip-In Hair.JPGFlip-in Hair is something a bit different in the world of extensions. Hair is attached to a very thin wire, which is looped around the head. Hair is then flipped up and over to cover, for an instant result. It takes about a minute to attach, and seconds to remove. It’s all human hair, and there’s a wide variety of shades available. It boasts no damage at all to your natural hair – loads of people have been trying it, and I think the results are really natural-looking.

diva.JPGdiva 2.JPG
Lots of interesting electricals at Diva. This tiny hairdryer caught my eye, and I also like the look of the Rock and Rollers. These heated curl sticks are ideal for the tween market, and come in cool packaging too. They create really nice curls too – not too even, with a bit of rock chick edge to them. They’re very easy to use too, and don’t actually even have to be heated to use.

ghd set.JPGThe ghd stage has definitely been one of the busiest, with great shows and a fantastic stage set. The newly-launched Midnight Gift set is definitely the glitziest yet, with a real rococo feel. As well as the Gold Classic Style, this set also includes a mini hairdryer, really glitzy carry case, and a very swanky mirror.

pro.JPGThe Procare 24*7 cuts and folds foils at a touch of a button. There are a selection of models and colours, but this bright pink option is what everyone’s talking about this weekend.

Paul Mitchell.JPGThe Paul Mitchell stand is buzzing this weekend, no doubt aided by the much-anticipated shows from Robert Cromeans. All the staff on the stand are wearing kilts, in tribute to the Scottish-born hair guru. The Awapuhi Wild Ginger range is what everyone’s most excited about, as all the products contain that magical ingredient, keratin.

IMG_0722.JPGThese ‘Swipes’ on the Denman stand tickled my fancy today! What a fun product, and would definitely be a good one to keep on the counter and get people talking…

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  1. Paul Bosley 1 February, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    hi was just looking at your page , ref to the pro edge , i was the official photographer for the pro edge stand , and have a very good selection of photos from the hair show , please dont hesitate to contact me if you or any of your affiliates are interested ,,

    Kind Regards
    Paul Bosley

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